Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just Another Day With US

Oh here we go again, Lauren is blabbing on about how amazing her friends are. Yadda yadda, we've heard it before. But I am continually amazed & reminded just how lucky I am.

Sunday the Dugans were working on their new house that needed a bit of love & they're doing most of it themselves. I think a day of labor would be a test of friendship for a lot people, but for us it actually steamrolled into twice as many people as expected. We could be doing anything & as long as we're together it would be a fun day.  It makes me wonder... How do people live any other way? How do they function? How to they get things done? How do they enjoy life without people like this who are there when you're celebrating but also there when you're scraping hummus colored paint from the walls?

When Dugan told one of the new neighbors "Oh just a few people from my church came by to help" he jokingly asked if he could join our church too if we do lawn work. And the answer is YES. Because I don't know any other group of people who will sand & scrape & rake all afternoon & still pose for a prom style photo at the end. And even if they do try to touch my feet & make me squirm, they're still my people. I hope that everyone has people like mine.


  1. If someone is ever NOT in the mood for a prom photo (even when you're 30ish...and beyond)they better be have a damn good excuse, like a hospital bed or something of the like..

  2. so cute! Just my kind of day. :) Hope your doing well!

  3. Aw. Just goes to show, it's not necessarily what you are doing, but who you are with. Good peoples!

  4. You really do hang with the coolest folks. I wish I had a crew like that!! So awesome!
    ps- you gotta check out my latest vlog and see my UGLY glasses I got in the mail! So so so bad!

  5. You are lucky to have such a crew. Can I hire you guys to be my friends for a few hours this spring to spruce up my Pittsburgh house?


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