Thursday, December 16, 2010

The View From MY Desk

I was feeling a little short on time & energy today... B-Stew is in town which is awesome but means I don't go to bed on time or make her wait while I work on a brilliant blog post. (because I have so many of those anyway... ) And just like that, Alyssa comes to the rescue with a quick, fun idea. "If you were sitting at my desk right now you would see" Thanks girl!

So... If YOU were sitting at MY desk right now, you would see:

The people (& substances) that fuel me

My to-do list

Reminders of what really matters.

A little bit of fun. :)
It's homecoming week at the school I work for & today's
"spirit day" is sports jerseys. SPURS REPRESENT!

So as Alyssa asked, let me repeat...
"Show me what I'd see if I were sitting where you are!"


  1. I can always count on you to play along :) Spurs, huh? A big YEEHAW from my San Antonio friends. I know of at least one who would give you a big high five for wearing it! I love your pics. You always look like you are having way too much fun.

    Totally OT but I watched "She's Out of Your League" this weekend and thought of you. Someday I'll need to go to Pittsburgh and have fun with you...and make sure we get pics of it!

  2. can I upload pictures to a post?


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