Monday, November 29, 2010

Mimosas Make the Day Go Smoother

I'm technically still on Thanksgiving Break, so to me it's not too late to share what my Thanksgiving looked like. For me there was no slaving over potatoes & turkey, there was no over the river & through the woods to Grandma's, there wasn't even sitting around the Wolcott family table... but before you start to feel bad, I assure you I spent my day with family:

It started with coffee, mimosas, a table for 25 & a breakfast FEAST! It's become our tradition to spend the morning with the people you would choose as family & get a little booze in you before you head off to see the family that genetics handed you. I'm in a slightly different boat, my family is 5 hours away so this IS my Thanksgiving dinner table. And I love it.

Then it was off to meal #2: lunch at the church. We always offer a free meal on Thanksgiving Day... but not like you might think. It's not a soup kitchen, I didn't go to volunteer... well I guess I did, but not by scooping food. Just by talking. At our meals we gather, talk, laugh, & be community for eachother. I'm believer that there's a big difference between doing things FOR people & doing things WITH people. With is the key... we're all here together & there's something really good about that. Families, homeless, & anyone who just wants to hang out together, here we are.

So that's how I spent my Thanksgiving.
I hope yours was filled with just as much
love & warmth & reasons to be thankful!

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