Thursday, October 14, 2010

The New Clueless?

Remember 1995? Remember before plaid skits meant slutty school girl? (Thanks for killing that one, Birttny) Remember projecting all your pre-teen angst on your mom b/c those aren't "the right kind" of knee-high stockings & those mary-janes are chunky enough? I DO!

The 12 year old inside of me has been waiting so long for the day when "Clueless" fashion would circle back around. And lately I've been seeing some interesting evidence...

Could it be? Are the fashion-gods that kind? Please excuse me if you've been well aware of this for ages, it's just that I don't really follow trends anymore. That's the nice thing about aiming for "classic", it never changes... & I don't remember the last time I was shopping not at a thrift store. But now I want to! I want to buy granny-looking boots to wear with my over-the-knee socks! Maybe I'll even layer them over tights. (oh snap!) Happy day....

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