Friday, October 15, 2010

The Mystery of the Spur Necklace

How I became a Spurs fan is actually kind of silly. See in college I was dating a boy who grew up in San Antonio & we started watching Spurs games together. I didn't really follow NBA at the time so naturally I just sided with his team. But as the season went on I started to get into it... like really into it. This just so happened to be the season when Spurs dethroned the Lakers & I've been hooked ever since. Boyfriends come & go but once you have a team, that's forever.

So on a trip to San Antonio to visit my brother stationed there, my mom picked up this necklace of a spur as a gift. To be honest, at first I really didn't think it was my style... but it didn't take long before I started wearing it when I'd watch games & became convinced it was a good-luck charm. It became priceless to me. (not to mention the spur spins!)

Then I lost it, can you believe it? When we went back to San An for my brother's wedding we looked everywhere for a replacement with no luck, so my amazing mother gave me HER spur necklace that she bought on the same trip for a Christmas gift. It may be the best gift I ever got. And wouldn't you know within a few weeks... I lost it. Gah! Heartbreak & a lot of beating myself up.

It stayed lost for months, through a move to a new apartment, until one particularly sad day when I thought I might lose my mind... I'm not kidding you, it was literally dangling from a shelf of my purse rack. Just hanging there, waiting to be found. I actually cried, it's like it knew I needed a pick-me-up & to be brought a little luck.

I'm sure you can guess the next part of the story: I lost it... again. Or as I'm starting to believe, it went into hiding. It seems the spur retreats when I'm not in need of it & reappears to brighten my life at just the right time. I have tickets to a pre-season game tonight... which is crazy in & of itself since Pittsburgh has no NBA team to be playing against. For some reason Spurs & Cavs are playing at Pitt (I don't know why either...) & I'm going to see my boys play IN REAL LIFE!

I laid out my Ginobili jersey days ahead of time & have been so pumped except for 1 factor... that damn spur necklace. I need to wear it & it's been gone for months. I kid you not, this afternoon it appeared. Sitting next to my perfume in the bathroom where I know it wasn't before. Look, I'm not saying my necklace has powers or that I'm superstitious or would believe this story if I was reading it... all I'm saying is I can't explain the mystery of the spur necklace. I'm just glad it has really good timing!

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