Sunday, September 12, 2010

Things to Look Forward To

Monday, Monday... can't trust that day.

The best way for me to overcome things I'm NOT AT ALL looking forward to, like another Monday morning, is to focus on the things I AM looking forward to. That's really the essence of this whole blog, focus on the things that spark my fire in order to outweigh the wet blankets of this world, and it's been a smashing personal success! So here's what I'll be focusing my mind of this Monday:

#1 - Glee

Just over a week until the new season starts again. I hate to admit how much I've been following the off-season gossip, but it's about time for some new material for me to obsess over. And I'm really loving how many more people got into it over the summer, love camaraderie !

#2 -WWEPW?

What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? Speaking of Glee, I've subscribed to this blog that's dedicated to Emma's character's fashion. And I LOVE it. She's my new fashion inspiration. I just put a major hurting on the local Goodwill & stocked up on some fabulous Emma-inspired work clothes.

#3 - Grandparent Chic

Not only do a lot of Emma Pillsbury's outfits look very "Grandma Chic" herself (& therefore myself as I redirect my fall wardrobe) with the crisp collars over layers & bringing back brooches, but I've been digging this look for guys as well. I've seen so many great guy cardigans over the weekend, it makes me smile. And on my Goodwill binge I totally bought a sweater-chain-clip thingy. It's so great.

#4 - Pumpkin Flavors

It's that time of year, isn't it? Last night I had my first pumpkin beer of the season. Soon it will be coffees & eventually pies. Yum. I have a strained relationship with fall, I feel like it's just 1 big tease until the dreaded winter, but we're working through & I'm trying to embrace fall this year. Pumpkin, however, I've never needed any effort to embrace

# 5 - Running

I have to start running again... & soon. I over-schedule myself way too frequently but I'm finally going to make the time to start training again. Bright & early I'm going to take a trial run to see where I need to start training, then I'll laminate a schedule & it'll be official. This is how I function, I need to say things publicly & then laminate something for it to become a reality. It is now set in stone.

Just curious, what are you looking forward to right now?


  1. Oh, silly me...and arranging a visit to Pittsburgh, OF COURSE!

  2. I'm looking forward to a lot!!! First, I completely agree with the pumpkin flavors, although, I enjoy them all through winter...and I can't quite come to terms with starting to eat/drink them just yet. With upper 70's, low 80 degree weather, I just can't do it.<3

    Third - PA Parade of first complete home model - FROM SCRATCH - was installed Friday, and judging is this week...wouldn't it be great if we got a GOLD in decorating?! High hopes, perhaps, but, the home is BEAUTIFUL!!

    That's about all I've got!

  3. 1) Glee is on Tuesday--I was confusing it with the House premiere.

    2) We must have a viewing party. I'll bring a cake for me but I really just want to watch glee! So who has TV?

    3) Here's why I love grandparent-chic for women: it's super feminine but also modest. It highlights our waists and curves without showing every detail and all the skin. I can feel pretty, sexy, and girly without feeling trampy. I can feel covered and modest without wearing a potato sack. Thank God for Emma Pillsbury, Mad Men, and those hipsters who have no idea how old they are for bringing back the style of grandparents to us!

    4) Here's to running. I went on a five mile jog on Friday and I feel alive again! Let's start running again together. :)

  4. Oh i love this post. So many things... Fall is my favorite time and I can't wait for cardigans, football, hot apple cider, crisp air, scarves, everything pumpkin, more football, my favorite brown boots, octoberfest beer, changing leaves, warm soups, and football.

    other non-autumn related things that I'm looking forward to right now...
    1. cooking a TON with all my new kitchen wedding gifts (i'm the happiest girl ever with my knives and spices and food processor, i never want to leave)
    2. writing thank you's and other notes to people I love. snail mail baby!
    3. decorating my new apartment and finally feeling settled
    4. curling up with some books (i've been so busy, my favorite past time took a back seat and I can't wait to pick some new ones and dive in again!)
    **not that you care about these unless you happen to live in pittsburgh and are my friend and then you'll most likely benefit from 1 and 2 and get to admire 3


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