Sunday, August 29, 2010

WA Memory Jar

Didn't my memory jar from Washington turn out great? It gives me hope for the long run with this crafty project. The NYC jar was a little campy but I'm really loving this new one. I tried to save absolutely everything, & even though most of it didn't get used at least a had a variety when thinking "hmm that spot's a little bare, I need something else near the bottom..."

In my Jar:

  • wildflowers from a hike

  • Theo chocolate wrapper (google it, they're amazing)

  • wristband from underground tour

  • Starbucks sleeve

  • Jr. Ranger badge from the national park

  • Seattle skyline trinket

I took my own advice & this time used a wide-mouth jar, it made everything a LOT easier. Can you imagine trying to place those dried flowers with knitting needles? More advice...

  1. be aware of seems in the glass, they're really easy to go unnoticed until you're staring at the final product

  2. keep EVERYTHING, like I said earlier

  3. get 1 cheesy planned trinket that will help clarify location. I looked at key chains, magnets, & finally found this little jewelry thing (at least I think it's a jewelry box, not sure what else it could be) at the airport before I left

Try to use your imagination, can you see how lovely they'll look once I've racked up a few more locations? I'd love to hear more idea on how you preserve memories from the places you've loved.


  1. What an adorable idea! I've never seen one, but it's so cute. Yours came out really nice. Such a clever way to keep and show off memories from a fun trip. I think I might have to give it a try some time.

  2. Nice! I think it works better because you have a good variety of heights involved to better fill the space.

    I have mostly flat media (or digital) from my trips, so (when I get to it), I suspect a scrapbook will be in my future. Otherwise, I memorialize my trips via an epic online photo album - with descriptive captions of course!

  3. That is a FANTASTIC idea! I've never seen anything like it. Wouldn't it be great to travel all over and have all these amazing jars of different sizes and shapes to remember your adventures. Now, if I could only find a way to travel around the world (and someone to pay for it ~ LOL).


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