Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I'm a Wiiiiiiiiiiner!

I never win contests or raffles anymore... I think I used up all my luck when I was a kid because I used to win everything. I even won "Nick-or-Treat" one year from Nickelodeon, top that! So when I was 16 & paid $20 for a raffle ticket to win a car... & didn't win... I was completely shocked. Ever since my luck seems to have run out.

UNTIL NOW! I won something! And not just anything, I won something really good. A $50 gift card from AlyGatr's Everywhere's Blog-o-Versary giveaway! Alyssa's one of my favorites, plus I was having a very difficult week, so I don't think anyone else in the world could have been as excited as me when I got the email. Thanks, Alyssa!

Now the tough part... what do I spend my $50 on? I don't think I've ever been in this situation where I have a certain amount of dollars to just spend on whatever, usually my buying is need/want-based & the dollars have to be factored in... I'm out of my element! So I'm trying to be practical (aka not buy anymore shoes) but I could really use some help. What do you think I should get?

Option #1 -

A mini sewing machine! I don't sew yet, but I'd like to. I often think "If I had a sewing machine I would (insert project here)" But would I really follow through? Maybe!

Option #2 -

What kind of grown-ass-woman doesn't own spices? Seriously? (one that's never had a wedding registry, that's who!)

Option #3 -

I could be hostess with the mostess? French press & teapot with infuser... I could make fresh grounds & use loose leaf teas! How's that for classy?

Option #4 -

I needed more frames anyway...

Option #5 -

Something for my "temple", rather than just my home. Plus I always have to borrow a mat at my yoga class.

See, give me $50 to spend & I mentally spend $250. I just can't decide! Help!


  1. A part of me screams TEA, but that could just be my mother in my head. but the sewing kit is a nice idea (though i would suggest getting a solid old one). I would probably either go with the spices for cooking or the tea myself.

  2. I'd go for the spices or the yoga stuff as they seem to be the most practical/ most likely to be used (based on context clues - oh look I'm a poet)... But you could also argue that since this was money won out of the blue, you should just spend it on something that you wouldn't normally go for. :) Yay for winning!

  3. I say frenchpress and teapot infuser! So classy, you get to actually use it, as opposed to staring at it, and it's great for guests! Plus, can you ever get tired of tea and coffee? Nope! You just get more kinds of tea and coffee. And the coffee press would be perfect if you moved to say...Seattle.


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