Monday, July 19, 2010

NYC Vay-Cay: Day 1 & 4

Well I've spent 2  hours at a coffee shop getting caught up on all the blogs I missed over only 4 days. I laughed (out loud), I cried (also out loud & I'm not even embarrassed), & I'm finally caught up to everything that's been going on with all you lovely bloggers. I finally feel free to move on & share my weekend too.

We saw SO much in New York that it's almost impossible to share it all. My choices are:

  1. Write one loooooong-ass post that no one will endure

  2. Spread it out over a few days & feel repetitive

  3. Leave a lot out

I'm going for option #2. Let's just take it day-by-day, shall we?

Thursday I got up bright & early, kissed my pup goodbye, left a note for the dogsitter & went on my way. The rest of our crew wasn't up quite as early & we didn't leave "on time" but I did a 50/50 job of keeping my control-freak nature under control. hehe I pushed a bit but didn't let it get to me. We took our time, made a few stops, took the scenic route & eventually made it to New Jersey by early evening. We were staying with Tink's family friends there in NJ... farther from the city than we realized but GORGEOUS.

Never did actually make it to the city that night. The bus didn't come & the next one would be so late it wasn't worth it... so instead Uncle Scooter took us out on the boat, docked at a burger place, & we had ourselves a nice little evening. It was the first time in YEARS where I've had the thought "I could live here..." outside of a city.

Our trip ended similarly. I'll skip over the NYC stuff until tomorrow (such a tease) but Sunday we also didn't make it to the city. We went to Aunt Lois & Uncle Scooter's church, sat on the dock, & had an amazing "Glee" marathon on the trip home.

The city / country contrast was unexpected but such a great balance. Sure we would have had less commute & more adventure time if we stayed in the city, but we'd probably also be deliriously exhausted. There's really nothing like sitting on a dock with your toes in the water to refresh you.


  1. good job keeping the "control freak" under wraps. :) Look forward to hearing more about your weekend.


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