Friday, June 18, 2010

Week 21

Have I ever mentioned I was in a sorority? I'm always a little embarrassed to admit it & always try to justify it with "but we were a community service sorority, it doesn't even count. We couldn't even drink with our letters on!" but just the fact that I refer to something as 'our letters' cancels out any protest I may give. For visual proof check out my left (your right) leg in this old classic:

Good ol' Dela Tau Sigma. I branded those letters to everything I could... hoodies, bags, sweatpants. At the time I had a very bumpy relationship with that group... let's be honest, you get a group of 40 girls together who may or may not have anything in common & tell them they're suddenly supposed to be sisters, you're gonna have drama. It's just the nature of the beast. But I met my best friends there & picked up something that I still have to this day (other than my paddles...) & that's a need to keep serving the community.

When you get initiated you have to take an oath that no body really means, probably something about sisterhood & I don't even know what else, but the 1 line I do remember is promising to dedicate your life to service. I distinctly remember thinking "Well that's a little dramatic. I'm only 19, like I'm gonna dedicate my life to anything. Whatevs!" Oooops, I'm kind of accidentally following through with that so far. Oh the sisters would be proud. haha This whole "sewing for sea turtles" deal that I posted yesterday has brought back a lot of memories of organizing events just like that. I don't miss the cat fights or politics of DTS, but I do miss my girls.

Oh & one last note on that photo... I don't normally run around in navy sweats but this was right after my Ballet 101 dance recital. haha How embarrassing. I tried to keep it a secret but my friends found out anyway, so I'm still in my tights & leotard under the sweats, hair still in a bun.


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  1. Love that pic! How cool you were a service sorority :) I know what you's hard to have too much estrogen in one house and not have some sort of drama. I actually applied for a sorority scholarship when I thought I was going to the University of Southern California. When I sat through it, I just knew I was NOT the material they were looking for. Needless to say, I didn't get the scholarship...and wasn't able to afford USC. I ended up at the University of Hawaii...I lived at home and commuted to class everyday. I'm sorry I missed those boding experiences like you had, drama or no.

  2. Oh that's funny!
    Haha Ain't nothin' wrong with being a sorority girl!
    and haha
    I DO normally run around in nasty sweats! ;)

  3. I am glad that you took the real point out of the service sorority, which is continuing to serve. Love the picture though.

  4. Hahaha, I like how at the very end, you justify your wearing sweats.


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