Thursday, June 17, 2010

Service Project & My 15 Minutes

Something very bizarre has happened...

It all started when Craft Hope announced the current project: making towels to send down to the Gulf where agencies are cleaning off those poor animals covered in oil & trying to save their lives. I can send some towels, they want them to be wash cloth sized & they're collecting Dawn soap too. So I hit up the facebook & email to get some friends on board too. I also sent it out to the church since it's basically just an extended family... & here's where the project starts to snowball.

Apparently a WPXI reporter used to go to our church & gets the email. Next thing I know there's been an online article & 2 interviews aired, dozens of email responses, & thousands of towels. Oh... my... gosh. Apparently people are really in need of a way to be involved, it's understandable when there's a situation that feels so helpless & you just sit & watch. But I never expected to become this rally point where Girl Scouts are emailing to set up service days with me. What? My students are coming in & telling me they saw me on TV. It's all just so bizarre.

Watch Interview #1

Watch Interview #2

Just so you know, it's not to late to do this yourself. You don't need to send 3,000 towels, they're asking for sets of 10. And if you're crocheting or knitting they'll take any amount. You don't need to go through me, all the info you need is on the Craft Hope site.

{spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time}

p.s. I'm going to start being careful about the faces I make. Oye! haha


  1. Freakin Amazing! I'm soo sooo sooo proud of you and Hot Metal for doing this! What an amazing thing that has happened from such a simple idea. Your DTS girls would be soo happy you've continued to do service even after leaving IUP and the sorority behind.

  2. Omigoodness, I could cry seeing all of you!!! I was telling Justin how I wish I could have helped out, but I had no idea it took off like this! I have a finicky but working sewing machine if you need it (hopefully Lena already offered). I am so proud of you guys and miss you terribly. Way to go, Lauren!

  3. Oh my goodness girl! That is just AMAZING!! I'm SO proud of you!! Holy crap!!! Great job! You look adorable in the videos by the way:)

  4. thank you so much lauren for taking this on! you truly are inspiring for so many people that want to do something but just don't know how. i appreciate everything you did more than you'll know! i'm emailing the news station to see if i can run that video on the craft hope site. i'd love to profile your story. and you look gorgeous!!!



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