Thursday, June 3, 2010

Shoe Love

A note before I start... a little love note to my blogger buddies for the kindest comments on yesterday's posts. You find community & friendship in strange places, & I'm glad I found it unexpectedly right here. Love ya! Now on to today....

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Yesterday I finally unpacked all my shoes... it was like reuniting with old friends I've been missing. To my embarrassment I couldn't actually unpack all my shoes because I don't have enough room! This was shocking since I just recently purged at least 10 pairs as part of my moving rule: shoes must leave the house in the same box they came into the house in. If they don't fit anymore, there are TOO MANY SHOES. I must have used a liberal interpretation of "fit" in the box this time around because I bought two over the door racks & still had resort to stuffing all boots under the bed. (I'm pretty sure the real problem is not enough doors though...)

Now you lovely readers probably fall into 1 of 3 categories...

  1. Ooooooo

  2. Psh... that's nothing on MY collection

  3. This is sick & wrong

If you happen to fall in group 3, I have a few things I'd like to say in my defense. First of all, yes I know that's too many shoes but I've gotten a lot better. Also, I've never actually spent more than $30 on shoes with the exception of my running sneakers. And lastly, all my shoes are thoroughly and well worn loved... they're not just excess that are never used.

If you're in the OTHER 2 categories though, let's chat! I'm kind of a shoe-snob in the fact that I pretty much only wear pumps because they don't cut off my tattoo. I can't do gladiators, mary janes or a lot of strappiness, it's got to cover the whole tat or nothing. As I was unpacking & hanging with care I decided to pay extra special attention to a few of my favorites... Hello, lovers...

mmmm... comic book, pink tweed, class acts, & art deco...

I wasn't lying when I said I've never spent more than $30 on shoes, but it doesn't stop me from surfing through pages & pages of shoe-porn. The only way I could break down & fork out this kind of money would be if I were invited to the White House or was spending the day with Denzel Washington, but a girl can dream... & drool... I leave you with a little taste of my fantasy wish-list:

Betsey Johnson - Alexandra - $179

Moschino - $337

BCBGeneration - Ariel - $79

Badgley Mischka - Carlo - $172

Charles David - Squeeze - $175


  1. I'm actually appalled at how boring and small my shoe collection has become. I used to have some great fun, funky shoes. Now my hubby glares at me if I suggest buying anything that isn't affordable and practical :( BOOOOO. My favorites were a pair of super soft leather western looking pointy toed light tan ankle boots. They were my most perfect dance shoes because they were so "slidy" that they glided across the wood dance club floors. Those were the days...SIGH. I can't wear heels that high with my bad ankle...but those black and white Moschinos have my name all over them!

  2. Lauren...this blog is the perfect way for me to tell you...I'm FINALLY getting my closet...that's right 12' of AWESOME closed off space for my SHOES...and most of the clothes I own! :)

    Miss you!

    P.S. those pink tweed shoes look mighty familiar ;)


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