Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Place to Breathe Easy

That's right, I categorized this under the "celebrate" category & think it's completely fitting. I moved into my new apartment! What my bloggy friends probably won't realize is that for the past year my living situation has been rough... I'm going to just leave it at that, no sense beating a dead horse. (No sense beating any horse really. Who came up with that phrase?) But the page has turned & I now officially live by myself. I feel like my local friends deserve a shout-out and a half for being so wonderful to me this whole past year, letting me freak out occasionally, & giving me cozy places to hang out when I just couldn't handle going home. I love you guys... BIG TIME.

It's not done yet... these were taken on move-in day so not too shabby, I think. Thanks to Fleegal's floor plan everything actually fits with plenty of open space for me to play with the pup, spread out a craft project, or maybe exercise someday. Maybe.  (speaking of crafts... my craft bin was the largest box I moved, how embarrasing.)

Clearly the dresser needs to be repainted. The ugly couch need a cream slip cover. The red seats need to calm down a little. And I think a few purple accents will be nice. I also need to find a home for the peacock feathers & my antique phone. Hmmm... what else? Defiantly something for the coffee table. If any of you scope this out & have a moment of inspiration, please share your thoughts. I'm so excited to set up home! Yeeeee!


  1. so even though i'm sitting on the stool - I'd like pretend i'm jumping for joy at your 'grown ass independent woman apartment' and you caught me in a mid air action shot. so cool.

  2. Nice place! Are you still in the South Side?


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