Friday, April 16, 2010

Week 13

Lately I've been reminiscing of a time when I had hair. Long, beautiful, blond hair. My hair is currently at that awkward growing-out phase where I can't do anything with it, so everyday it's helmet-head or bobby pins. It's almost enough to make me cut it again just to be easier... but then I remember...

hahaha Ok, time out... this pretty much sums up why Fleegal & I are soulmates. Maybe it's because we have no shame, maybe we're just goofy, maybe it's our matching white belts. Who's to say? But I feel like these pics sum us up pretty well. I digress...

This wasn't even the longest my hair ever was! I kept growing for another 7 months after these photos (& my hair grows FAST) before I chopped it all off for locks of love. Thus began my cycle of chop & grow. Each time I chop my hair I've gone farther & farther. Now I'm growing out a pixie cut (I'm almost to a bob... ALMOST). Here's the problem though: long hair looks good on me, BUT so does short. In fact most lengths work for me, it's the transition that kills me. *sigh* So I'll just keep pinning it back & looking at these kinds of photos for inspiration to NOT TOUCH IT.


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  1. Your long blond hair was very pretty! Short is fun too though :) When I was a teenager, I'd go from one extreme to the other all the time. The I got married and it stayed the same blah long forever. Now I'm keeping it shorter and I love it. I can't go too short though or my hubby would never survive the heart attack :)

  2. funny you should post this... because i just cut about 6 or 7 inches off of my hair yesterday! so far, i'm not missing it too bad! your hair looks nice long... but i like it in your sidebar picture too!

  3. What beautiful hair! And you are so lucky to be able to wear it both ways! It's adorable short too:) I have really frizzy hair that takes hours to curl, so I'm stuck with long hair for the rest of my life. I tried a bob once and I looked like a dried up Mushroom Head! Haha!

  4. I kinda do that too...I grow it out then get sick of it and chop it off. I then get sick of short hair and grow it back out. I agree, it is a vicious cycle. ;0)

  5. For me, long hair gets in the way, and always ends up in a ponytail. But I guess I like having that option, of being able to wear it down, or pull it back. Whenever I have short hair, I'm never satisfied with it, and always wishing it were longer. I've finally finally grown it out, and am happy with the length. It only took me 26 years to figure out what worked for me.

    I used to so badly want a white belt.

    I like your short hair better, btw :)

  6. I LOVE these pictures! I oddly enough was looking through the SAME set of pics this morning when I text you about your blog! Talk about soulmates!

  7. I feel the same way. Currently growing it out and it seems to always stop growing at the shoulder... grrr. I need it to grow faster....


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