Friday, March 26, 2010

Week 10

When I was in high school, like everyone else in high school, I had no clue who I was. And despite my efforts I sure wasn't Gwen Stefani... it's all I ever wanted, to be her.  I did not pull it off well. haha Let me point out just a few examples...

Top left photo... that's me on the left. Note the leopard trim tank top & man work pants. It says "I'm feminine & feisty, but I'll also kick you ass if you don't treat me like one of the guys." Also note way too much eyeliner.

In the bottom photo... taken on the same night, you can get a better look at my hair. Oh yeah, those are mini-bun pigtails. Is it Princess Leah or punk? You decide.... (Actually, let me save you the trouble. I can tell you right now I was NEVER punk. I just wished I were)

Top right photo... the worst of them all. If you squint directly at my forehead you may notice a little dot. It's not a zit, & it's not something on the photo... that's a bindi. A little jewel, worn only by Hindu women, Gwen Stefani, & clueless me. haha

I do so much better with the preppy, classic Coco look... but I wouldn't discover that until 21.  Happy Flashback Friday!


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  1. Hahaha! I used to wear those mini buns too! I always thought they made me look like one of the cool punky kids ;) And, of course, they did, hehe.

  2. Great photos!! I think we all go through that phase of trying to be hip, or at least what we think is hip at the time!!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. hehehe... too funny! i always thought wearing little jewels at the corners of my eyes was cool. i'd buy little stick on earrings for just that purpose. it didn't last long (and i don't believe i have any pics of it!) hahaha

  4. AW, you were adorable! I grew up in the 80's and have pics of me in the 8th grade trying to look like Madonna (that's pre-bustier Madonna days). I look nothing, NOTHING like her, which is kind of good since I was 13!

  5. Ok, Gwen or not, you were pretty dang cute, haha.

    One time I went to this concert in Portland, and hanging out outside the venue, was a Gwen look alike. Never in my life had I ever seen someone that looked so much like somebody else. I remember wishing I was like that. Wishing that I stood out like that.

    A few laters, I met the real Gwen, who actually complimented me on my lipstick. I was in shock for at least a week, hah.


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