Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Sweet Gift for YOU!

Like any good friend, I didn't return home empty handed from my little trip to Hershey. I brought home a souvenir for my friends! And what kind of souvenir would would come from Hershey, aka The Sweetest Place on Earth? CHOCOLATE, OF COURSE!

That, my friends, is a chocolate bar that I made just for you. There's this place called Chocolate World right next the park that, when I was growing up, only had an Epcot-esque educational ride about how chocolate was made. And even when that's all there was, I LOVED IT. Now you can see a 3D movie, go to chocolate tastings, buy all kinds of Hershey's specialty items....


Build you own chocolate bar.

Here's your chocolate connoisseurs reporting for duty:

And there it's dropping raspberry into your chocolate bar...

The final product & my gift to one winner is a bar designed by yours truly with milk chocolate, almonds, raspberry, and sprinkles on top. And all you have to do to win it is leave me a comment answering this question:

If you could design a chocolate bar using any ingredient, what would you use?

The winner will be drawn at random Wednesday afternoon.
Think sweet thoughts, I can't wait to read your creations!

Our work here is done.


  1. My candy bar would be pretty simple, milk chocolate,almonds, caramel. I know boring right? I also would like to add that you two dressed up in your hairnets and aprons totally made me want to sing, "sha meal, sha mazel, hausen pepper incorporated!"

  2. Oh my gosh! How super cool is that! You do some fun stuff. Umm... I would put some peanuts, sprinkles on top (good call on that one), some type of filling (strawberry or raspberry, I think) maybe just a HINT of caramel, a little bit of mint, and maybe a squirt of dark chocolate.

  3. I would probably use mint and coconut for sure because I love both of those things—although I'm not sure how they'd taste together. And I'd probably add a nut of some sort for a little crunch.

    [My name's Laura by the way. Amanda Reese sent me your way :)]

  4. Um, they did tell you that you could take the hair nets off, right? I'm so addicted to chocolate that short of putting bugs in it, I'll eat it! A chocolate bar with almonds and cashews and maybe bits of caramel popcorn...mmmm kind of Fiddle Faddle meets chocolate bar!

  5. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...that last photo gets my EVERY TIME! :) I'd leave a comment about my dream chocolate bar, but I think that'd be cheating......sooo, I won't.

    LOVE YA!

  6. Raspberry, almond is an excellent choice!

    Because I love sweet and salty combo, and crunch is a must. therefore a chocolate bar with pretzels and caramel would be my chocolately paradise.

  7. okay, so I can't resist giving my dream chocolate bar...but don't put me in the give-away. Milk Chocolate, Sea Salt, Bacon.

  8. My dream chocolate bar is probably a reality and similar to many already mentioned, but I think it would have milk chocolate, caramel, and salt. There is nothing like salted caramel. You could also through some pretzels in there. And more chocolate. Mmm...


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