Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just Spreading the Word... (update)

Update at bottom...

So let me start by saying I have a few thoughts in general, & then info for local friends....

One of my biggest pet peeves is the "FML Attitude" that I see over the most trivial thing. I saw on facebook how when an acquaintance couldn't watch The Bachelorette because her cable wasn't hooked up it was an epic fail. And I kid you not, after the earthquake in Japan & it looked like waves were going to hit Hawaii, someone had the balls to post a FML over their future Hawaiian honeymoon plans in the wake of all those lives lost.

Friday my friends lost their home in a fire. 6 of them.

That night people got together to board up windows & sat on the lawn & had some food together. And there was not one FML to be heard. Don't get me wrong, it's a really rough situation & I know it's hard on them, but instead of self-pity they stick together & make plans for the future.In a situation infinitely worse than any one those fml-posters have ever faced, they have an attitude that's infinitely better. Just some food for thought.

And here's the part for local friends...

I just wanted to spread the word that Dylan's turned over his blog to be the update place for news on the Fairmount House. There's a link to donate some cash, updates of prayer requests, and just a place to process some thoughts. It sucks when you feel like there's nothing you can do, but I wanted to at least pass it on that there's a place for info.

Here's part of Carina's message from Sunday...

As we head into this first house-less week, please hold us in prayer in the following ways:

1. pray that inspectors grant us access to our home. this will not only help to give us closure, but also allow us to salvage what we can and move forward from there.

2. pray for wisdom as we begin discussing our options and making decisions, especially since we may have to make our decisions quickly.

3. pray over the coming meetings with the city, community organizations, etc.. that all involved will be filled with grace, understanding, and hope.

4. and most of all, pray that our small intentional community will continue to serve each other well, even through the loss of our home

I've been thinking today about how much more difficult this ordeal would be for someone without friends and family. So thanks again to all of you, for making this all more bearable and for loving us so fully.

Lena just told me the gang could use some help washing the laundry that was able to be salvaged. It needs to happen quickly before they mold, remember everything was drenched by the fire hoses way back on Friday. So if you have a washing machine, don't mind hanging out in the laundromat, or can donate detergent & white vinegar... please speak up.


  1. The pictures on that blog are crazy! I'm so sorry for your friends. I'm glad everyone's okay, though. They seem to have a fairly positive attitude. Friends and family support really is helpful, and I'm sure they're feeling the love from the community.

  2. How horrible for them! I'm glad they are able to keep things positive. I'll be honest, I had to look up what "FML" meant. I must be getting old. Sometimes I think people make statements like that out of levity (myself included) while there are others who just refuse to see the bright side of things. It's a shame really to live life in such a negative state of mind.


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