Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flowers in February (photo heavy)

Maybe the Groundhog is right after all with this early spring prediction because Pittsburgh has had some unseasonably warm days lately. Thank goodness for sunshine! But all the sunshine in the world still isn't going to bring green to February trees. So some friends & I took advantage of a nice day & went for a stroll around Phipps. It was a really nice pick-me-up in the middle of gross winter. Flowers, palm trees, gardens.... ahh...


  1. And THAT just helped ease my seasonal depression! Thank you! Your outfit is just too adorable btw:) You look so cute!

  2. Here's me going OOOOOHHH AAAAHHHH. All of those tropicals reminded me of home :) I had a dream about bluebonnets last night. I think it's a sign.


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