Monday, February 28, 2011


What I'm about to tell you is so bizzarre that you can be sure it's true. There's no way my brain could come up with something so silly. Last night, my friend Sama & I attended a eU2charist.

Eucharist- a Christian sacrament commemorating the Last Supper by consecrating bread and wine

eU2charist- a communion service, or Eucharist, accompanied by U2

Yeah... we went to a church service where they played nothing buy U2 music. Originally I just went for the freak show element, but we actually had a really good time. They did a pretty decent job! Plus this was at Sam's home church so it was nice to be supportive of a place she's connected to. But if you would have ever told me about 6 years ago that someday Sam & I would be entertaining ourselves by going to church together, I'm sure I would have laughed hard enough to make whiskey come out my nose.

Here's the really nice thing that won me over by the end of the night... U2 has said the only royalty required to play their music is you must take a donation for missions. I like that a lot. And as much as I feel out of a place in a church that big, where everyone is clean & behaves, & clearly they're doing fine financially... it was refreshing to see how much they DO with those gifts. The presentations on all the ways their church is supporting brothers & sisters in more difficult circumstances than our own made me forgive them for acting like "Sunday Bloody Sunday" is an ok church song. haha

All I had with me was my little kodak camera, but I tried to record some of the action. Lighting & sound quality be damned.
Sunday Bloody Sunday

In the Name of Love

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