Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Perfect Snow Day

I've lived in the north my whole life... & over the years I've developed a fail-safe recipe for how to spend your snowday. Books & movies are fine for an evening of snow, preferably coupled with a warm fireplace, but an entire day halted from the normal routine calls for more.

#1) Get Out There
Perfect snow is fleeting. It's an imperative to the perfect day that snow be enjoyed while fresh. In a few days it will be dirty & slushy & curse-worthy, but for those first few hours it's like fairy dust.
#2) Add Friends
Snow days aren't just for children anymore, but it's ok to act like one. So go play with the other kids in the neighborhood just like the good ol' days. The sure way to keep from feeling the cold is a warm heart & never standing still... except for photo ops.

#3) Warm It Up With Cocoa
It's a well known law of nature that snow-dampened clothing cannot dry unless cocoa is being consumed. All efforts to the contrary are futile. Cocoa is best enjoyed with tiny marshmallows, a splash of milk, & surrounded with other soggy playmates.
#4) Munch Munch
Now that you've thawed, feeling has undoubtedly been restored to your stomach & the hunger must be silenced. Please remember this is a snow day for your kitchen too, show it the proper respect by choosing dinner at your favorite restaurant... calories don't count on snow days.

#5) Go To Bed Early
You've earned it... goodnight, everyone!


  1. JEALOUS! I just read that even Hawaii (OK,on the highest mountain tops on the Big Island) is getting snow. We have the cold, just no precipitation. I WANT SNOW. I'd even take a blizzard.

  2. This looks so crazy fun....We just got our first real smattering of snow. =)
    Kristina J.


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