Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Perfect Snow Day

Last week the snow began to fall again & the flakes piled high enough to bring about another snow day. Considering the lengthy healing time most of my playmates experienced from the previous snow day, I knew snow-football wouldn't be a likely option this time around. And to be honest I had work to do, even if only from the confines of my living room.

But I did make time for a lunch break field trip...

It was actually a ploy to cheer up Jen... I enticed her with promised of a vegetarian lunch buffet, shelves of spices, and the option to pick up fancy flours for the pancake party happening that night. (side note: I brought my camera to the food co-op but not to a pancake party? Where are my priorities?!)

It makes me feel like I'm in an old-timey general store... only imagine that store was taken over with hipsters instead of cowboys.

And along the way I found the perfect gift for a few friends... it was a good day out of the office.

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  1. HIBISCUS FLOWERS!!!!! woowooo!!!

    That looks like a pretty sweet place!! Take me there some time! :)


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