Friday, December 10, 2010

Week 36

This morning I got lost on my way to work... the same route I drive every day. I guess I just zoned out into the Christmas cheer blasting from my car. "It's the most wonderful time of the yeeeeeear!" Lalala laaa lalaaaa la la la la laaaalaala. I'm a total sucker for it all.

It's just a shame I can't actually sing on key, that would make it a lot easier for everyone around me to retain their cheer if I could. But that's never stopped me from singing my heart out anyway... especially in groups where no one can hear me. This flashback come from the college days. Our sorority (& our sweetheart... the 1 guy per semester who gets to hang out with us... usually jut to spoil us) went caroling years ago... back when I had long hair... back when I was young enough to pull off pigtails occasionally... back when I wore a hat with ears on it. Gosh I'm cute! (haha Is that ok to say about yourself?) I'm going to pull up my Christmas pandora station & carol in my office all day long!

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  1. i remember the days of caroling. i honestly believe it has become extinct!

  2. I've been listening to Sufjan Stevens' Christmas album... something about banjos and his voice makes me want to listen to Christmas music more than is typical for me. (getting me out of my "gah why have they commercialized this holiday" mood)

    The hat with ears photo is VERY cute. :)


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