Thursday, October 21, 2010

Week 32

Ok folks, I'm about to admit my secret shame, so please try not to mock me too cruelly. When I was young I was... (I can barely say it aloud) I was... a 90's Christian-Rock junkie. THERE! I admitted it!

Aright I'm not telling you the whole story. I wasn't just your normal junkie at Creation Fest. Oh no, I was the ultimate Newsboys fan. We're talking, I was the girl who would sit at the barricade by the main stage of Creation Fest at 2pm just to be guaranteed front row for them as the closing act at like midnight. *sigh* It's true. I remember 1 year I was all over the jumbo screen for my "I Heart NB" (instead of I Heart NY) sign I made & brought from home.

But you don't have to take my word for it... there's video proof. You might be interested in fast-forwarding to minute 4:05 of this video.

That's 15 year old me. At a Newsboys concert. Probably my 5th concert or so of theirs by this time. They recorded a DVD that night called "One Night in Pennsylvania" so luckily I wore my white eyeliner & pigtails that night. So cool.

The mocking may now commence.


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  1. Hey, I still kinda like the Newsboys...

    Don't worry about it, I didn't start going to any concerts until AFTER college. Lame. :)

  2. Hi! You left a comment on my flashback and after reading your profile I think we were talking about the same women's hospital. I'm a former Pittsburgher. I worked on the South Side for about 5 and half years and miss it dearly.
    I tried to reply via email, but your email is not set up and I had a total blonde moment and was writing back to

  3. Every year my college had a music festival called Agape Fest, so I've been to my share of Christian concerts. I've met David Crowder and the Jars of Clay guys (who actually graduated from my college too!).

  4. Ok, I just got really excited, and went to 4:05, but I couldn't find it! I looked for you over and over again, am I blind?!


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