Friday, October 15, 2010

A Big Move

Welcome to my new home! So lovely of you to stop by. (If you're just dropping in from a blog hop, my normal post is the next one down, but I just switched from WP to Blogger today! Exciting, huh?)

I hope this isn't rude... but a have a couple of favors to ask of you. See, apparently on blogger there are a few trends that are all the rage, but I've been sort of isolated from them in my wordpress world. I'm totally the new kid on the blogger-block & I think hanging out with you would help my street cred.
  1. Follow me! Allllllll the way down at the bottom of my page there's a box for followers that currently says "you have no followers". It's kind of sad & also a tad insulting. I don't need your judgment, follower gadget! Would you guys sign up to be my first followers so I don't have to be tormented by its taunting?
  2. I have buttons now! You can find 2 buttons available in my right-side column. Grab your favorite & share the love! Right now I have my blogroll set up as links but when I have more time to play I'll start adding buttons as well, it's only fair.
  3. Say hi. I sometimes suffer from blogger's insecurity. I'm always convinced that any sudden movement means no one will come back & I'll be talking to myself out here. It's silly, I know. But I'd love it if you said a quick "hello" just to reassure me you're still hanging on despite my change in URL. (is this the blogging equivalent of a needy relationship? sorry...)
So along with a new look & a new address, maybe it's time for some new traditions. I think it's time for a link party! I love the friends I've made here & hope I keep making more & more. So let's bounce around to some new blogs together & see who we meet, shall we?



  1. HOORAY, I'm your #1 Follower :) I can officially say that now. hee hee. AND you have buttons! You just have to know I'm going to grab one. Welcome to the dark side my friend :)

  2. I'm #2! Cute blog!

    susan (

  3. Nice new look! Welcome back by the way, I've been pretty busy myself. I'll follow you if you follow me.... ;) (unfortunately computer issues are making it hard for me to update every day).


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