Monday, July 26, 2010

To Speed-Date or NOT To Speed-Date?

Ok friends, this post is mostly for my brain to process something, & also to get some feedback so feel free to share your response. Speed-Dating... is it a fun way to spend a Thursday night with the potential to get a date, or is it pathetic & embarrassing? I just can't decide.

I'm coming off a conversation where I was told it was sketchy, told it was fun, told not to do, & told to go ahead... by the same people. Apparently no one knows how they feel about it. And while I'm in the midst of being mildly neurotic about all this, let me also confess that I just lied to my pastor about it & said my friend wanted me to go... in reality I asked my friend to go with me. I'm so torn that I'm lying about it! (Why was I telling me pastor about speed dating in the first place? haha I've talked to them about weirder things before... you'd have to know them. They're more buddies than pastors, but still, that's gotta be a few "straight to hell" demerits to lie to a pastor. Of course my Dad is also a pastor & I'm sure I've lied to him plenty of times too.) I digress.

Allow me to clarify. This is a speed-dating for professionals age 26 - 36 with a college degree. You meet 30 people total.

Tink's currently across the table playing solitaire making a pros & cons list about other life decisions, maybe I should give that a try rather than rambling in circles & wasting your time.


  • Meeting new people

  • Potential (date, boyfriend... dare I imagine, husband? That's the thing about potential, you just don't know)

  • Could be fun

  • Drinks

  • A night out

  • A reason to dress up

  • Trying something new


  • A waste of time

  • Embarrassment (this seems silly, but I feel like anytime a single woman actively looks for dates she labeled as "desperate". I know I'm not desperate, but can I handle if other people label me as such?)

  • Rejection. (if a room full of 30 man all don't want you, it doesn't help the self-esteem)

  • A waste of money

  • Trolls , bad breathe, or close-talkers (potentially)

  • Wardrobe panic

There really are no actual consequences, I guess it's just a pride issue. Am I the kind of girl who speed-dates?


  1. I feel like you're the type that speeds dates for kicks, to meet new people and if something more comes of it, so be it...just tack it onto your list of 'crazy things I've done'

    that being said...I completely agree with Jen...create an equally creepy persona for the people you're not digging...the comment about unicorns is can mention how you bedazzeled the back of your denim jacket with one...

  2. PLEASE go! please do this! first of all, Jen and Fleagal you are hilarious! I think they are right - you need to go and have fun and welcome all the crazy that may rotate through (who knows, maybe some winners as well). As soon as I read this i thought, shoot, i'll never ever get to something like this, ever. (not that i'd trade out Neil at this point) BUT the idea is - have fun and embrace where you are in life with all its vulnerability and adventure... before you know it, you'll be a month away from marriage and speed-date-pro-con-contemplation-forbidden! At the very least you'll go and end up with SOMETHING to post to us! love you!


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