Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Feel Better Flowers

The inevitable has happened... it's the worst possible time to get sick so of course I have. Just a cold I'm sure, nothing too tragic, only enough to make me completely effing miserable. There are a lot of changes & stress at work so I need to be on my A-Game, there's a heatwave so naturally I'd run a slight fever & be stuck in bed with no air conditioning, & it's summer which alone is enough reason to NOT be sick. Who gets a cold in the summer?

Here's an honest confession... sometimes I wish I had someone to send me flowers. It's silly & a little selfish, I have plenty of friends who tell me to my face how much there care & they're active in my life & give me extended hugs when I need them... not to mention my Mom has been on 24/7 crying calls duty. I am not lacking affection or love. But still... there's just something about flowers that show up unexpectedly to brighten your day.

I'm the biggest cry-baby in the world when I'm sick & now that I have snot pouring out of every hole in my face, fire shooting from my throat & my muscles feel like they've been on a torture wrack... all I want are some daisies. Is that weird?

I don't feel much like moving so I just surfed my way through etsy so find some "feel better flowers" that won't die in a week to treat myself. I'm not sure if I'll get them, but even just the search has cheered me up. I hope they're a little special delivery of "cheer up" for you too today.

  1. post earrings

  2. pocket-watch necklace

  3. bobby pins

  4. orchid necklace


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  1. Lovey, love, love, love those flower choices. Flowers always cheer me up, but I have only to walk out my door and smell the roses :)

    Feel better my friend!!!


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