Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Where the Normal People Run

I have to admit it, I fell off the running wagon... already.

I could blame it on a lot of things:

  • I'd have to drive to somewhere flat to run again

  • Running buddy Tink works different hours & we don't live 4 blocks apart

  • Coach Jen is in North Dakota for the summer

But all those are just excuses, I know exactly where I went wrong. It was the phrase "We'll take it easy for the summer & just run when we feel like it." Tink & I had been in constant training for the past 8 months & it took us that long to work up to 5.5 miles. We ran through the entire winter when we were the only crazies out there. We toughed it out through the early spring & the appearance of the dreaded spandex models. We set goals & we reached them... 5k, longer training, then our marathon relay lengths. We finally got to the point where I felt comfortable saying "I'm a runner" rather than just "I'm learning to run" or "I just started running"... no, I WAS A RUNNER.

And then we just stopped.

And you know why? Because when does anyone ever feel like running? I'll tell you... when they're stressed & need a break & a clear head & to feel good about themselves. But guess what, Lauren, if you don't run for an entire month like a dummy you don't get any of those things. It doesn't feel like a break, it feels like death. No clear head, just hurting lungs. And feel good about yourself? Forget about it.

Now it's summer & everyone's running. The normal people have emerged... not just models, but regular people! And I want to run with them too! So it's time to get back on the wagon, & yes that means making another training schedule & sticking to it. It means carving out time in my day where I run without the option to make excuses. And it means driving down the mountain to somewhere flat when I'd rather blog. But what I do love about running is how forgiving it is... to start again just follow these steps: put on shoes & run.


  1. I hear you...though for me I give you mucho kudos for running in the first place - bad knees make me less inclined to do that form of exercise - but even bike commuting can be hard to get back into once out of it. Especially when it rains.

  2. come run with me! i NEVER want to go and ALWAYS want company! (we can buddy up then let Orbin sprint around unwinded, the jerk)


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