Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tell Me Something Good

All I want to do today is post something to make you (& me) smile. Maybe even blush a bit.

I'm still in quite a funk... correction, a brand new funk but still a funk. It revolves partially around my apartment flood & more about a different personal minor-crisis that I can't really post out in the open. Sorry for the secrecy. We can chat privately if you want, my dear reader-friends. ANYWAY... last week's "Glee" was about being in a funk too; not that glee actually revolves around my life but I can pretend it was just for me. (Yes I hear myself & no I'm not ashamed)

So I'm just going to look for some good news to make the rest a little easier. Like this sweet little nugget from that episode that continues to make me smile & makes the day just a tiny little bit better...

Sorry to the married mommas, I should have warned some of you to advert your eyes. (so when you get caught watching this on repeat you can totally blame me & I'll have your back) Now I need to get a little sleep & face this week head-on, but first....

...tell me something good.

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