Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On Notice #1

Lately I've had a lot of frustrations & need a way to keep them from bottling up. Luckily Stephen Colbert has already solved most of my life's problems in advance, bless his heart. Taking a cue from the master, I present my own "On Notice" & "Dead to Me" lists...

Yesterday was rough so I had to consciously hold back or the "Dead to Me" side would have filled up in a hurry! But after I calmed down a little I narrowed it down to only the most deserving offenses. This will grow with time, I assure you.

On Notice:

  • My Fridge - it keeps blowing a fuse. I haven't been able to keep food in my apartment since I moved in at the beginning of the month. This is getting old fast

  • French Spellings - "Centre", "Colour"... give me a freaking break!

  • Needy Cats - It's like they know I'm allergic because they seem to want to crawl all over me. Even the cats that hate everyone else won't leave me alone. They're out to get me.

Dead to Me:

  • Bill Blank - my former landlord. Lies, harassment & your basic slumlord behavior

  • Thieving Kids - So far I've lost an iPod & an umbrella as far as personal items. They've stolen more from the office too. If they were under my supervision this would never happen... my kids fear me too much. But I can't control someone else's students so I just get stolen from repeatedly. Great

Ahhhh, I actually feel better now!


  1. Seriously, I'd go postal if anyone touched my iPod! I totally love the Colbert concept. I think I may need to borrow that one :)'s to hoping that today was better than yesterday.

  2. haha this is much more organized than my slap-dash "concussion sh*t list" including weedwackers, city buses, cars with bass systems, marching bands (obviously), nervous tappers or other subtle repetitive noise makers, hammers (only when hammering, i don't mind them when they just hang out), generators, and those that talk over conversation already taking place..... just to name a few. ahh, you're right. it feels good to get it out!


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