Wednesday, May 26, 2010

At Last!

I'm so excited I don't even have words!

(correction: I have 1 word... Aiden.)

I get butterflies of excitement just thinking about how the wait is almost over. As soon as I left the theater following the first S&TC movie my friend told me they had already signed on for another... talk about agony!

But I'll have you know I'm not blinded by my love of the Fab Four, there are a few things I just won't tolerate...

  1. If the movie messes with Charlotte & Harry I'll freak out. They're such a lovely couple & someone has to be able to sustain a good marriage.

  2. No babies for Carrie. They kind eluded to the possibility with the "just us two" statement, but I would hate it. Big & Carrie are such a good breaking-the-mold kind of couple, let's just keep it that way. Plus let's be honest, they're getting a little past the prime years for making babies.

  3. I'll be sad if Aiden's shirt stays on the whole time. Is that ok to say? haha It's just honesty.

  4. Girls do not need to go to the theater in designer-imposter outfits or like they expect the paparazzi. You are not Sarah Jessica Parker, it's ok to show up in jeans.

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