Monday, March 22, 2010


I'm sure anyone who witnessed this sight all had only one thought: "Ugh, tourists."

Nope, I live here. But my best friend, Fleegal, was visiting for the weekend with her husband, & hanging with an out-of-towner somehow turns you instantly into a tourists of your own city.

We did all the "Pittsburgh" things... or at least all the Pittsburgh food.  We started the weekend on our friend's deck with an awesome view of the downtown skyline & had Fat Head's for dinner. Saturday was shopping at the Works & then we spent our whooooole afternoon at IKEA! Ok, maybe Ikea is Swedish, but we've got a big-ass store here so we took advantage of that & went on the tour... follow the arrows.  Then to their Hotel on Pitt's campus (that's when the panther climbing took place), Primanti Brothers for dinner (if you don't know what a Primanti's sandwich is, google it), & finally SouthSide for karaoke.

All in all I'd call it the perfect Pittsburgh weekend


  1. Neil and I plan on taking Oakland pictures all decked out in our wedding attire - would you mind if we re-enact this pose? I think it could capture the essence of us but I understand if its copywritten.

  2. Of course, go right ahead. :) Fleegal took another great shot looking like a prowess with her husband crushed beneath the panther's paw. Keep it in mind. hehe

  3. I'm catching up on your blogs and just new by the title what this would be!


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