Thursday, February 25, 2010

Man, I Love This City

Yesterday was one of those bizarre "are you kidding me?" kind of days, everything was amusing! Maybe on another day I would have overlooked some of the highlights but yesterday I feel like Pittsburgh was just screaming "This is how the Burgh does it!" It's a people-watcher's paradise!

So first I got thoroughly cussed out by some old lady because my car got stuck on the snowbank I parked on & slightly narrowed the street clearly an intentional offense to her. We're talking like 2 cars already passed, she pulls up to my window, STOPS, looks me in the eye, & tries to scream through her window & mine. I'm not a great lip reader but I got the message.

Then I headed to the gas station where I saw the most amazing sight. Allow me to break it down for you... Unfortunately I need to get batteries for my camera so this is the photoshopped window to my memory:

The only thing that made watching this girl with flowing golden-locks meticulously squeegee her Beretta-logo windshield even better (I tried not to judge... I've had some stellar day off outfits too) was when I realized this was a DUDE. I love it.

And to finish my day was the classic "don't move my chair or take my parking spot" but with a refreshing honesty to it. (again no photos, just photoshop. haha Hope you enjoy this)

Oh Pittsburgh, you ARE classy.

Soon it will thaw out, we'll all get some Vitamin D, & return to being a friendly city. Someday.

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