Sunday, February 7, 2010

Homemade Pizza

You know those perfect nights? The ones where friends are together doing nothing in particular, but at the end you feel refreshed & like life is good even when you do have $1,600 gas bill waiting for you... hypothetically?

I love those nights.

Quick Note: Yes I did snap a picture while Mark was praying. No he did not appreciate it. No I don't care.

It just dawned on my how perfect right now is. I'm spoiled by nights exactly like this.  I remember when these were few & far between but now this is what a typical Thursday looks like... or Monday, or Wednesday, or Saturday, or.... you get the picture. Not that I take them for granted, I'm fully aware of how lucky I am, but I think I forget that THIS trumps all the other crap.

So I just read "The Neverending Story" (bare with me on this for a moment) & halfway through the book Bastian is in Fantastica & he can have anything he wishes. So he wished to be handsome & brave & whatnot. But with every wish he lost his real-world memories until he had no recollection of ever being pudgy & bullied. (still there?)

Now in the book this is supposed to be a bad thing because Fantastica isn't real, he's only believing the fantasy. But it's kind of what these nights make me feel like... except in a good way. I think the difference is this case is that THIS IS what's real. The friends, the goofiness, taking random stuff & making it into an awesome homemade pizza to share together... That's life & it's awesome! The stress & expectations are the lies. So with every kitchen dance party that wipes away the memory of why I was frustrated at work, I'm thankful.

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