Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fastnacht Day

Things to Know About Me #19486 - I love anything German

Back where I grew up there are a lot of Pennsylvania Dutch (aka German-American) & I myself am 3/4 German. It's funny how you see a lot of Italian or Irish pride but I rarely see people celebrate their German heritage... except maybe during Oktoberfest. Different countries celebrate Fat Tuesday in different ways, in Germany it's Carnival. For the Dutch (PA Dutch that is, don't get confused with actual Holland Dutch) they're a little too conservative to really do it up German Carnival style. They DO stick true to the fastnachts tradition though! Yay! Fastnachts are potato donuts without the hole & usually just glazed or powdered. You've got to use up all that fat before Lent, right? Mmmm... waste not want not... Nom nom nom.

Pittsburgh doesn't celebrate Fastnacht Day. ......yeah. That's all I have to sat about THAT.

So this is my 4th Fastnacht-less Fastncachts Day. I had every intention of making my own but things happen. (Ok fine, Olympics happen! I can't help it, I want to spend every available hour in front of the TV!) Maybe I'll run down to GetGo & just grab a regular donut, it's the spirit that counts.... & that negates all calories, right?

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