Friday, January 29, 2010

Week 2

Winter. Bah humbug.

Sure, it's adorable to bundle kids up when it's chilly outside & let them play in the snow or stomp on leaves. It's not quite as adorable 20+ years later when you're warming up the car before work & layering up for a run. But when there's something that drives me crazy I just have to take ownership of it. So this is me owning winter... I may not like it, but I hereby promise to stop whining, drink more tea, & wear great hats.


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  1. aw... love the big ball on your hat!

    i don't bundle up to run... i whine and complain about the cold and snow... and stay inside as much as possible!! lol - i need a winter hat though!!

  2. I love that winter outfit. Looks like something my oldest would have fought to get off when she was that age.

    You know, it bums me out to see everyone's little kid pics circa 1987. I was a sophomore in high school by then!

  3. oh what a cute picture!!! I should bundle my kids up more often, and take them out in the cold weather. I'm a wimp, I hate being cold. I hate the wind. I don't have a winter hat, and even if I did, I'd look like an idiot in it. I love your picture though. Its inspired me.

  4. You are so cute!

    I loved winter as a an adult not so much. The past couple days have been bitter cold here.


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