Friday, January 22, 2010

Week 1

Christmas 2008 I gave my Mom a book filled with pictures of the 2 of us that made it SO clear that we're really the same person. I guess that's not surprising since we all eventually turn into our mothers, but it caught me off guard that I already AM my mother! Not just the same now... I'm talking Betty at age 25 & Lauren at age 25. Who knew?

You may be asking "Lauren, why are you & your friend in a trunk?" Well that can be easily explained, but WHY IS MY MOM IN A TRUNK?! I was in a scavenger hunt in Philly... not only did we need that picture for the hunt but that was also where we rode the whole time because it would just be silly to take 2 cars when there's a perfectly good trunk.

"Are we not like 2 volumes of the same book?"

You said it! (Actually I guess I said it, but someone else said it first.)


  1. Oh thats so cute! And god, I hope we don't ALL turn into our mothers, haha. That would be the worst possible outcome for me. Very cute pictures though, I can't wait to see future flashbacks!

    xx Tia

  2. That's so funny to see you and your mom with such similar pictures :) I don't know what it is about trunks...I have this pic from when I was about 21...I was dropping my friend off at the airport and in the pic, I'm pretending to get in the trunk with the I could go too. I have no idea why we thought that was SO funny...but we did!

  3. Very cute! I was in the trunk, because someone locked the keys in there... and i had to crawl through the back seat to open the trunk, so we could get our keys back.

    But I have to admit... it was FUN!


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